Baby Activities By Age

On this page, you will find baby activities by age that will encourage your infant’s development. They are developmentally appropriate from newborn to 12 months old and are organised by age as a guide. Make sure you check out the activities in all of the age categories because they will also be just as effective. Although we say activities, most of the suggestions are about providing your baby with experiences that will help their learning and development.

The Play Gym by Lovevery

Lots of the activities are easy to set up and don’t cost lots of money. I have tried and tested most of the activities with my little one so I know they work! It’s hard to find time or energy in a baby’s first year. They haven’t yet developed their attention span, so it’s important not to spend lots of time and effort setting something up, that they may only be interested in for 2 minutes.

You may find that your little one isn’t interested in some of the activities at all and that’s ok. Just try to revisit an activity a few times, as they may react differently. I’ve personally had a few experiences with this. My baby wasn’t a fan of sensory play at first. He is now slowly starting to enjoy it but it’s taken months!

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