Activities for Baby Development 3-6 Months

My 3 to 6 month old activities for baby development will help their physical, cognitive, and language skills. Babies start to have a lot more head control at this age, meaning that they can have tummy time for longer. They are also starting to become much more aware and will soon be rolling.

Some developmental milestones your baby is likely to reach at 3 to 6 months old include:

  • Bears their weight on their legs
  • Coos when you talk
  • Lifts their head and shoulders
  • Rolls over from their tummy to their back
  • Amuses themselves by playing with their hands and feet
  • Imitates sounds and blowing bubbles
  • Ready for solid food

Remember that this is just a guide. It’s important to remember that all babies develop differently and learn at their own pace. Don’t worry if there are things on the list that your baby isn’t doing yet. They will get there in their own time! However, if you have any concerns about your baby’s development, please seek advice from a health professional.

The Activities

3 to 6 months is a difficult time where babies want to move and explore but they can’t do a lot. They show signs of wanting to interact with you more and you will probably start to see some of their little personality shining through.

All of the activities are much more effective with a parent talking and interacting with them. After all, you’re the best toy they have! It also helps their early communication skills. When doing activities, watch out for signs of overtiredness (such as eye rubbing or fussiness) and take a break from play if needed. If your baby isn’t quite ready for some of the activities, try 0-3 month activities instead.