Physical Development Baby Activities

The physical development of a baby starts at the head and then moves to other parts of the body. This is why they learn to hold their head up first. Then they learn to roll and sit up. Before being able to crawl and walk.

The physical changes a baby goes through in their first 12 months of life is incredible! They learn to control their bodies and they change in appearance.  

When we think about physical development, we often focus on things like crawling and walking. These are all gross motor milestones that involve using large muscle groups like arms and legs. However, fine motor skills (like holding a ball in the palm of their hand) also play an important role in physical development and shouldn’t be overlooked. These involve using smaller muscle groups like hands and fingers. Sensory development is also part of a baby’s physical development too.

It’s so exciting to watch a baby reach their physical milestones. Especially when they take those all-important first steps. However, there’s a lot of muscle strengthening and development that needs to happen before this. 

Whilst it’s true that all babies develop at their own pace, they still need to be provided with opportunities and experiences to help them learn. The activity suggestions below will help with this. They include tummy time activities and incorporate sensory play. You will also find suggestions for fine motor activities and ways to help your baby learn to crawl and walk.