13 Month Old Milestones and Activities

13 month old milestones and activities

On this page, you will find 13 month old milestones and a collection of activities that are suitable for this age. Most of the ideas are also great for older kids too. All of these ideas have been tried and tested with my own toddler.

Some developmental milestones your toddler is likely to be able to do at this age, according to Baby Center, include:

  • Use 2 words
  • Bend over to pick something up
  • Stand alone for a few seconds
  • Likes looking at their reflection
  • Drinks from a cup
  • Initiates playing “peekaboo”
  • Combines words and gestures to help you understand what they want/need
  • Tries to lift heavy things
  • Rolls a ball back and forth

However, this is just a guide and all children develop differently. So don’t worry if there are some things your little one can’t do yet.

There are so many amazing activities for toddlers that I have saved on my Pinterest boards. I have such good intentions when I saving all the ideas but I never get round to doing half of them.

With many places still shut here in the UK, I’m finding that the days roll into one when staying at home all of the time. So I’ve decided to add more structure to our day by planning out activities for the whole month.

This helps me to stay organised and motivates me to set quality time aside to do activities with my little one, without any distractions.

Implementing the Plan

  • I stick the plan to our fridge and tick it off as we go
  • I set up the activities the best I can the night before or prep them early morning before he wakes up or when he’s having his breakfast
  • I leave them out for a few days if I can so we can return to them
  • I scribble down any other activities that come to mind for next month

The Plan

13 month old activities plan

In this month’s plan, I’ve included skills I want to teach him, arts, baking, sensory and water play. I start the activities on a Monday and then leave the weekends for family time and repeating activities K really liked in the week.

Here’s my plan for this month with my 13 month in mind. However, they can also be adapted for older toodlers and preschoolers. For more details on specific activities check out the individual weeks below.

Week 1

If you’re interested in creating your own plan, you can download the free template here.

I would love to see any activities you do with your little one. So please tag me on Instagram.