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Tummy Time Activities

The suggested tummy time activities below will help your baby to enjoy the time spent on their tummies, whilst encouraging their learning and development. Tummy time is the first exercise your little one will do and it’s so important for their physical development. But lots of babies hate it! This is why this section is aimed to help your baby love tummy time. There’s also information on when to start, how long for, and the many benefits of tummy time.

Providing your baby with lots of tummy time will help them to gradually strengthen their muscles. You will quickly start to notice the subtle changes in the things they are able to do. Some of the tummy time milestones include being able to: 

  • Hold their head a little bit higher and for longer
  • Raise their head and shoulders off the floor
  • Do a ‘mini push up’ where they can lift their chest off of the ground

It’s important to remember that all babies develop differently and learn at their own pace. Don’t worry if there are things on the list that your baby isn’t doing yet. They will get there in their own time! However, if you do have any concerns about your baby’s development, please seek advice from a health professional.

Remember to supervise your baby when doing the activities. Always keep a close eye when they are on their tummies and never leave the room. If your baby isn’t ready for some of the activities, try other activities according to their age.