Are you looking for quick, simple ways to keep your toddler busy this fall? Our leaf do a dot printables are just what you need. This dot painting activity is low mess and tons of fun!
My toddler loves painting. I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching him have fun squishing and wiping the paint over the paper. But I don’t enjoy all the cleaning up afterwards. So I decided to make do a dot printables for him. This way he can enjoy painting without making loads of mess!
fall themed do a dot free printable
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The set I made includes 4 different coloured autumn leaves – yellow, red, orange and brown. The free pdf is easy to print! All you need is regular A4 paper.
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What will my toddler learn from doing a fall dot painting?

This activity will help your toddler or preschooler to learn and develop the following:
  • Colour recognition
  • Fine motor skills – using the do a dot markers
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Speaking and listening – use them as a way to start conversations about autumn
  • Understanding the world – Teach your toddler about the leaves falling from the trees

Ways to Use the Do a Dot Printable

There are so many different ways you can use this printable. Here are some ideas:

Use With Do a Dot Markers/Bingo Daubers

Painting with bingo daubers is the best way to use the fall dot pages. Don’t have any at home? Make your own DIY bingo daubers. They’re so quick and easy to make. Extend your toddlers’ learning by reading fall stories about leaves afterwards.


Laminate the Do a Dot Printable and Use As a Playdough Mat

Your toddler will have lots of fun rolling and squishing the Playdoh to make it fit the circles. It’s also a fun way to help them strengthen the muscles in their hands (fine motor skills).
With stickers Use the template with stickers. Add it to a busy bag or as a quiet time activity. Tip: laminate them to reuse the printable again.

Use with pom poms

Grab different coloured pom poms and have your toddler match the right colours to the leaves. If you’re introducing them to colours, start with 1 leaf at a time. Use all 4 sheets to make it harder. Varying the size of the pom poms adds to the fun.
Tip: add in jumbo tweezers for an extra challenge!
So what are you waiting for? Grab your free do a dot template and get your toddler creating their own art. It will also keep them busy and away from screens!
do a dot printable, 4 templates
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fall themed do a dot free printable
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