Do you want to turn your boring woodland walk into a fun adventure for your toddler? Then look no further. Because this fall scavenger hunt printable is all you need. Let kids burn off excess energy. Teach them new words and discover the hidden treasures of autumn with this free download. 
fall scavenger hunt printable - toddler on an autumn walk
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My toddler loves being outdoors. But he walks for about 2 minutes before he wants picking up! Our pram isn’t suitable for the woods (tired it and failed before! Ha) and he’s just too heavy to carry.
So I thought I’d try an autumn treasure hunt. It’s an activity on our fall bucket list. and I knew it would encourage him to walk more.
I searched for a few printables online. But a lot of the checklists were too hard. They had loads of items for us to find and used clip art instead of real pictures.
Not wanting to give up on the idea, I created my own instead.
And this is what I’m sharing with you today. Use it to discover nature’s treasures and help your toddler’s learning in a fun, practical way.
fall scavenger hunt free printable for toddlers
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The Fall Scavenger Hunt Printable

Did you know that pictures are an effective and practical way to teach language skills? The real-life pictures on the printable means they’ll still be learning even if they don’t find some of the things.

Ways You Can Use the Fall Scavenger Hunt Printable On Your Next Nature Walk

Here are some ideas to help you use the checklist. Including how to make it easier for your 1 year old toddler. And how to make it more of a challenge for your 2 year old or preschooler.

How to Use the Autumn Walk Checklist With Older Toddlers

Use it as a nature trail activity sheet – Download, print, and add it to a clipboard.
Let your toddler hold it themselves. Help them cross off the items they’ve found.
Collect lots of the same items. Count how many you have and write the number in the box. 

Use the Printout to Look For Signs of Autumn With Younger Toddlers

Cut out the pictures on the printout and use them as cards. 
Start with a picture they may already know. Like leaf or twig. Then move onto harder ones.
Show them the same card until they’ve found what they’re looking for. This won’t confuse them, keeps them focused, and you can remind them when needed.
Keep the cards in your pocket and use them again. Show the picture card and say the word if they find the same objects. This helps their understanding. 
Tips to make it easier – Make sure you can see the object first. Then point to the area where the object is to help your toddler.

Use the Objects You Found Outside to Create Simple Toddler Activities Indoors

Bring the fun indoors and make the most use of the treasures you’ve found. Create a fall-themed sensory bin. Make a fall craft or use them to paint with.
printable fall or autumn scavenger hunt
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Download the printable here. It’s free and comes in PDF format!
Looking for more ways to teach your toddler about autumn? Check out the popular fall stories for toddlers.
fall scavenger hunt free printable for toddlers
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