Do you have the most important item that every trick or treater looks for at Halloween (aside from candy)? Find out if you do. And discover other kid friendly Halloween decorations for your yard. Beat all the other Halloween garden displays and be the door that everyone wants to knock on this year!

kid friendly halloween decorations for your yard
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Our Halloween isn’t celebrated nearly as much here in the UK as it is in the US. But we do try. I loved going trick or treating as a kid and I want my toddler to have great memories of it too. So I’ve been on the lookout for easy outdoor decorations to make this year’s Halloween special for him.

Here are some of the best ones I found. Including inflatables, lights, and the one must-have item that every kid looks for! 

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Inflatable Ghosts With Pumpkins

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These inflatable outdoor ghosts and pumpkins cover an impressive 9ft. If you have a small garden, they may be the only outdoor decorations you need. They won’t get lost in bigger gardens either. Inflate them for the younger trick or treaters before it gets dark. And turn on the lights for older kids when the sun has set.


Day of the Dead Couple

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The water-resistant material used to make this day of the dead couple means it won’t get destroyed by the rain. You can secure it to the ground using the ground stakes and feet tethers. So you won’t find yourself running to save it when it’s windy outside. It also inflates and deflates in minutes, meaning you won’t have to hang around.


Love having inflatables as part of your Halloween garden display? Here are another two that kids will love.


Inflatable Archway

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This huge inflatable archway makes a fantastic feature day or night. Kids will come knocking on your door because they’ll want to walk through it! It comes with a generous 1-year warranty too.


Massive Inflatable Eyeballs

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Decorate your bushes with something more exciting than standard fairy lights this year. You won’t have problems trying to find somewhere to plug them in because they come with a 10ft extended cord. The seller offers a money-back guarantee if they fail to work in 90 days, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve bought a quality inflatable.


Let’s not forget about the outdoor lights.

Here are some awesome ones to add to your decorations.


Witch Hats

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These witch hats are fun, kid friendly Halloween decorations for your yard. Hang them in trees or on your porch for all to see. Use the handy remote to turn them on or off without having to step a foot outside. There are 8 lighting modes so you can control how they look with a press of a button. They’re also battery powered so you won’t need to worry about your electricity bill.


Decorative Spider Web Solar Lights

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Create effortless, spooky shadows on the ground and prevent kids from falling over in the dark with these waterproof solar lights. The anti-rust coating means they’ll survive the unpredictable fall weather. They come with a 1 year warranty. And you can get a refund (within 30 days) if you’re not happy with them.


Cute LED String Lights

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Hang these cute string lights indoors or outside on your fence or in a tree. Each pack has 3 different characters. And you can use the remote to change the brightness or lighting modes.


Last but not least, are the decorations for your porch. And the one item all kids look out for when they come to your front door.


Gigantic Spider (and Web)

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Trick everyone into thinking this realistic spider is crawling towards them by posing it on its huge web. Put it up once by securing it with the hook and 5 nails provided and it will stay until you’re ready to take it down.


Front Door Banner

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Welcome trick or treaters or signpost the entrance to your Halloween party with these vibrant banners. This one pack will decorate either side of your front door and the door itself.



Buried Skeleton

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This skeleton comes with stakes so all you need to do is decide where to put it in the ground. Its lifelike features will make people look twice and wonder how it’s made. Looking for a full-sized skeleton? Find one you can use indoors and outside in my previous blog post – The Best Indoor Halloween Decorations.


Scary Yard Signs

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This set of 3-yard stakes will look good whether you place them all together or apart. They’re double-sided so kids will see them before and after they’ve visited you’re house. The durable material means you won’t be left with unusable, blank signs at the end of Halloween.


Creepy Monster Face

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This large, weather-resistant monster face will be seen from far away.  It comes with foam adhesive so you won’t have to worry about it falling off.


Last but not least is the one thing every kid looks for before they knock on your door.

A doorbell!


Spooky Doorbell

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This is my absolute favourite Halloween decoration. If you don’t buy anything else, make sure you get this. The moving eye and creepy sounds coming from this doorbell are enough to frighten anyone. It’s battery-powered. So you can hang it above your normal doorbell or anywhere you think it will get pressed the most!


What could be better than the whole neighbourhood talking about your fantastic Halloween garden display? Obviously your kids will love it too!

People are already preparing for Halloween so don’t miss out.


If you’re throwing a Halloween party or decorating indoors, you must check out the Best Indoor Halloween Decorations. Some of these ideas can be used outside as well, so it’s worth a read!


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kid friendly halloween decorations for your yard
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