Celebrate Halloween in style with the best indoor Halloween decorations, props, and accessories. Don’t waste your time and energy trying to make homemade decorations. Buy fall Halloween decor instead and make this year’s celebration unforgettable. You can use these cheap and easy decorations next year too!


indoor halloween decorations that are simple to set up
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Recently I’ve been asking myself – how can I celebrate Halloween with my toddler?

We’ve already created some pumpkin art, that we will hang up. But decorating the house properly is something I don’t want to skip. It’s something I added to our fall bucket list a while ago.

What I don’t want though, is to loads of time making things because they often look nothing like the picture.

Anyway, I’ve finally found the cutest kid-friendly Halloween decorations.

I searched for longer than I care to admit, so I thought I’d save you some time and share them with you too!


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Bats on the Wall

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Add an interesting feature to your living room walls with these popular 3D bats.

The different sizes will help you make a realistic arrangement.

Tip – use command picture strips to decorate damage-free and keep the bats on the wall.


Halloween Window Clings (not scary)

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Window clings are easy to stick on and peel off. So you won’t have to clear sticky glue off of your windows.

Grab this bargain set for under $10. It has 146 pieces which are enough to personalise more than 1 window.


Giant, Creepy Window Cling

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This giant, creepy window cling will attract trick or treaters from far and wide.

It’s simple to put up and you can recycle it by using it next year.


Neon Animation Pumpkin Light

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Brighten up any room with this stylish neon pumpkin light.

The whispering sounds and animation effect will catch everyone’s attention.

It’s easy to put up so you can decide if it looks better in your bedroom, living room or kitchen.

The bulb life lasts for an impressive 20,000 hours, meaning you can use it for years to come.


Pin the Nose On the Pumpkin Game

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Spend quality time with your kids and play this fun, game of pin the nose on the pumpkin.

It has reusable stickers so you can play as many times as you want.

Leave the game poster up when you’ve finished playing to add to your other indoor Halloween decorations. 


Skeleton Prop

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A skeleton prop is a popular must-have Halloween decoration for any home.

Use it to surprise your kids by posing it in different ways.

The durable plastic means it can be used outside too. Stuck for ideas? Check out some of the genius ways people have propped skeletons up on Pinterest. 


Orange String Lights

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Bend and shape these battery-powered string lights around anything, to create the perfect ambience for fall.

Add them to a vase, light your skeleton up at night or use them with your other Halloween props.


Spider Web

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This gigantic webbing will create a spooky atmosphere in your bedroom. Or any other room in your house.

You can use it outside too. It doesn’t rip so you won’t have to worry about it surviving the unpredictable weather fall brings.


Flameless Candles

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Reap all the benefits of real candles without the mess or danger.

Don’t just save the realistic-looking candles for Halloween though.

Display them all year round. Put them on your fireplace mantel or create the ideal atmosphere at dinner time.


White Pumpkins

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Show off your elegant style this fall with these white pumpkins.

You can paint them, use markers, glitter or beads and decorate them in your own way. Why not let kids decorate one each year? You will have fond memories as well as colourful pumpkins to display every fall.


Hanging Swirl Decorations

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Add interest to any room with this 30 piece set of hanging decorations. 

These cheap and easy decorations don’t take long to hang. And the orange, white and black colours will match your other decorations too.

Hanging Ghosts

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Liven up your home with these happy hanging ghosts. Keep them indoors or hang them outside to entertain passers-by.

Don’t forget to fold and use them next year.


Spider Web Tablecloths

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Spice up your dining room this Halloween with this set of 2 spider web lace tablecloths.

Once you’ve finished dinner, make lasting memories and use it as a backdrop for photos. 


Halloween Banner

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You can use this high-quality, rustic banner again and again.

It comes assembled. So you only need to worry about where to put it!


Cushion Covers

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Add the perfect finishing touch to your decor with these rustic cushion covers. This set of 4 covers are great Halloween accessories for your home.


So what are you waiting for? 

Grab the most popular indoor decorations before they sell out! Oh and don’t forget about the sweets and treats.

Don’t stop at decorating indoors for Halloween. Liven up the outdoors and attract all the trick or treaters. Get a head start with the best kid-friendly decorations for your yard.


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indoor halloween decorations that are simple to set up
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