Are you looking for simple ways to introduce your toddler to Halloween? I’ve got you covered. My pumpkin art for kids is a fun, creative way to celebrate the holiday with them. Once they’ve finished it, show them how much you love their Jack-o’-Lantern craft by hanging it up.


a toddler creating a simple pumpkin craft with paint
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I recently created some pumpkin colouring pages for my 1 year old. However, I was left a bit deflated as he wasn’t interested for long. That’s life with a toddler though! 


I didn’t want my colouring sheets to go to waste. So I came up with a simple pumpkin craft instead. I’ve seen a few paint stamping activities on Pinterest, so thought I’d give it a go. He was much more interested in this and we ended up with a cute homemade decoration too. I plan to hang it up with our other indoor Halloween decorations.


Let me show you how to make it.


easy pumpkin art for kids
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What You Need to Create Easy Pumpkin Crafts With Kids

setting up halloween crafts for infants
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Here’s what you need to set up the activity:

  • Orange paint. You can also use brown for the top of the pumpkin. Or have your toddler mix red and yellow to make orange (an added learning opportunity)
  • Small pots for the paint – helps to reduce the mess
  • Paintbrush or stamp – wine corks work really well as stamps!
  • A plate to put the paintbrush/stamp on. We have old plastic plates we use just for painting but paper plates also work.
  • The pumpkin colouring page. Printed on cardstock. It holds the paint better. But normal paper works too.
  • Wipes – a must-have when painting with kids of any age!


Grab all the things you need and set them out before your toddler starts the activity. It stops their little hands touching things before you’re ready! Cover the surface you’re using with a wipeable tablecloth or newspaper.


And you’re good to go.


Tips for Painting

Painting with infants can get messy! But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Making use of your toddler’s highchair to create the Halloween pumpkin craft will help to limit the mess. Being contained will stop them from painting their arms, legs and any other part of their body they fancy. Meaning you only have to wipe their hands.


pumpkin art for kids - stamping with paint
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As you can see, I learnt the hard way on this one!


First Time Painting With Your Toddler?

Is this is the first time you’re painting with your toddler? Or not sure where to start?  Follow this mini step-by-step guide to help teach them what to do.

  1. Show them how to do it first. Talk through dipping the cork in the paint and then pressing it on the page.
  2. Let them hold the wine cork/ paintbrush themselves
  3. Put your hand over theirs. Guide them to dip the paintbrush into the paint
  4. Then move it over to the paper and guide their hand so they’re painting
  5. Repeat this a few times
  6. Let them try it themselves


We did this fall craft activity twice in the end. Once stamping with the wine cork. And the other time using a paintbrush. The paintbrush worked better for my toddler (he’s 15 months old) because it allowed him to paint a large area. I think he’ll be more interested in the stamping when he’s older.


Jack-o’-Lantern Craft for Toddlers


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Now you have painted your simple pumpkin, turn it into a Jack-o’-Lantern by adding on parts of the face. All you need to do is cut out the shapes for your kids and let them glue them on. It’s a great mini activity that helps their fine motor skills.


As soon as it’s dry, turn your kids’ pumpkin art into a DIY Halloween decoration.

Simply place a hole in the top of the pumpkin.

Thread through the string and using masking tape to stick it to the ceiling.

Tip – use clear fishing line to make it look like the pumpkin is floating in the air!


Celebrate Halloween by creating cute pumpkin crafts with your toddler today. And tick off an activity on your fall bucket list.

Just don’t forget to download the pumpkin colouring pages before you start the pumpkin art for kids!

easy pumpkin art for kids
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